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Alright... I'm interested in Roxy but tink I could play Delores if you needed me too. So, I'd thought I'd apply for Roxy and see what you thought before I made an LJ so I wasn't getting too ahead of myself.

OOC Name: Liz
Email Address: Devlishrain@hotmail.com, or Kerribolt@Yahoo.com
AIM S/N: RoadsideProphetV
Character You'd Like To Play: Roxy
RP Sample:
::Dark eyes moved to the yellow post-it in her brown hands. She shook her head and stuck it back in the pocket of her black trousers. She slid out of the booth and moved to the cash register of Der Waffle Haus, standing tall and proud and taking long strides. She pulled a few dollars out of her her pocket and handed it Kiffany, nodded in a greating before turning and walking back outside.:: It's gonna be a long day...

I know that wasn't two paragraphs but I don't really know how to play in paragraphs. Let me know if you need more and I'll be more than happy to do it.
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