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OOC Name:

Email Address:

AIM S/N: (MUST have a AIM screen name.)

Character You'd Like To Play:

RP Sample: (1st or 3rd person, two paragraphs.)
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OOC Name: Rikki

Email Address:

AIM S/N: emotionalstatic

Character You'd Like To Play: Mason

RP Sample:

Mason sat back into the booth at the waffel house, this entire morning had gone wrong. Miss Daisy Adair's food was wrong, yet again. She was just upset enough to go back and show the cook exactly how it was supposed to be done. Mason watched her closely as she sat, her plate in hand. "Why, aren't we the domesticated one today, eh?" She sniffed at him. Not even a word. "Bloddy 'ell, give me something! Anything!" Mason thought as he lifted a gloved hand to scratch his 4 day old dirty hair. "You know, Daisy, you're absolutely barmy today." He waited as patently as he could for a responce, after a few long moments he gave in. "You're not going to talk to me, are you? Are you?" He waited again. Waited, waited... "It's not blooming likely now is it? Are you cheesed off at something? Is that it?" He later learned that she was just saving her voice, something about it loosing it's charm. "Dishy." Though Mason as he snached up his post it. "Just dishy."

Congrats, you got the part of Mason. Make a journal and let me know if you need anything.