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Ok let's try this.

I've been dying for some good RP ever since Ayenee turned into ten kinds of shit. I originally wanted to go for Delores, but it doesn't really seem like I'd be able to use her that much so I thought that since there's a Reggie, then there has to be a Joy. Ok let's try this.

OOC Name: Jackie
Email Address: opposite_munchkin@hotmail.com
AIM S/N: Cheekun Butt
Character You'd Like To Play: Joy Lass (What is her maiden name anyway?)
RP Sample: Dark and troubled Joy was lost in thought as she was rearranging the kitchen shelves. She had been worrying a lot about her daughter Reggie lately. But was she worrying a little too much? Recent events would point their finger in the "no" direction. She sighed and wondered how long her daughter could remain so distant. She continued her thought out loud "And why doesn't she stick to the things she tries? She didn't play the drums...too horribly. I don't know what to do with her. I don't even know what to say to her anymore"

As she spoke she stared off into space, her face sagged with concern. She closed her eyes and shook the thought out of her head. With a sigh she went back to labeling jars of preserves. Acting as if the thought about Reggie never even crossed her mind. She desperately wanted to get out and do something new...something crazy...zomething no one would ever expect her to do. Right after she finished shelving, but the desire went as quickly as it came. "Nyeh...maybe I'll just go walk the dog."
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